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• The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is launching a Web3 gaming guild with the MEMAG cryptocurrency.
• Players can earn rewards, collaborate through NFTs and take part in the groundbreaking mobile game “Meta Kart Racers”.
• MMG has been met with strong support from the crypto community with more than $3.1 million raised for the pre-sale of its token.

Meta Masters Guild Launching Cutting-Edge Mobile Gaming Network

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is taking the world of mobile gaming to new heights by introducing a new web3 gaming guild that utilizes the MEMAG cryptocurrency to foster an economy powered by players’ skills and contributions. Players will be rewarded for their efforts through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other crypto rewards, allowing them to collaborate in a dynamic and engaging gaming environment.

Incentivizing Collaboration Through NFTs & Crypto Rewards

MMG is incorporating cutting-edge Web3 technology into its games, with a focus on players’ needs. In order to incentivize collaboration within the guild, MMG will establish an economy based on MEMAG tokens, which will be used to purchase items or services within games or traded on external exchanges. Furthermore, gamers can also obtain tangible value from their playtime through NFTs and other crypto rewards such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Kicking off Ecosystem With Exciting Racing Game “Meta Kart Racers”

To kick off its ambitious ecosystem, MMG is launching its first game: “Meta Kart Racers” – an exciting racing game where players are able to compete globally while earning rewards based on their performance. More titles are planned in the future across various genres such as strategy games, shooters and sports simulations.

Strong Support From Crypto Community

MEMAG has been met with strong support from the crypto community since its launch, raising over $3.1 million during its pre-sale period – demonstrating that there is great potential for blockchain-based economies in gaming networks like MMG’s metaverse!

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