AI and Crypto: CEO Shares 2023 Roadmap and Micro Agent Launch

• CEO Humayun Sheikh discussed the growth of AI technology, the explosion in value of blockchain-based AI projects, and $FET’s 550% surge.
• The 2023 roadmap revealed that will be deploying an innovative microagent protocol to automate specific commercial and industrial functions.
• Sheikh also shared his vision for a decentralized P2P AI framework and how it can contribute to a new economy.

Explosion of Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

The rise of ChatGPT and Google Bard has fuelled an explosion of interest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology this year, with crypto markets following suit. In February, blockchain-based AI projects saw a massive surge in value – with being the paramount ecosystem, rising by 550%. This highlights just how important decentralizing AI is, as current models are increasingly centralized into the hands of the ‘big five’.

Exclusive Conversation with CEO Humayun Sheikh

Cryptonews had an exclusive conversation with CEO Humayun Sheikh about microagents, the 2023 roadmap, and $FET’s explosive price action – despite crypto winter for the industry as a whole. According to Sheikh, market cycles impact on projects like Fetch but he was pleased that public attention had now turned to AI given its heart of mission since inception four years ago – citing ChatGPT and generative AIs as ‘Aha’ moments for many people who could imagine their lives impacted by business model disruption which is only scratching at what agent technology can do independently on behalf of users or other agents.

2023 Roadmap Reveals Microagents Protocol

The highly-anticipated roadmap revealed that would be deploying an innovative new protocol to introduce microagents this year – building upon their Autonomous Economic Agent (AEA) framework which provides insight into how agent tech works autonomously on behalf of users or other agents within a decentralized P2P network atmosphere.

Humayun’s Vision For Decentralized P2P AI Framework

Humayun Sheikh shared his vision for a decentralized P2P AI framework which could contribute to a new economy made possible by agent technology learning intuitively before taking action independently – something which he believes will drive disruption across all sectors from finance to healthcare and manufacturing over time with increased adoption from both businesses and consumers alike.