British National Detained in Moscow for Aiding North Korea in Crypto Sanction Evasion

• British citizen Christopher Emms has been arrested in Moscow and is wanted by the FBI for allegedly helping North Korea to evade U.S. sanctions via cryptocurrencies.
• Christopher Emms and Spanish national Alejandro Cao De Benos planned and organized the 2019 Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference, providing instructions on how to use blockchain and cryptocurrency to launder money.
• Virgil Griffith, a former Ethereum developer, was also involved in the scheme and pleaded guilty to the FBI’s charges of sanctions-related violations at a hearing in 2021.

British Citizen Arrested for Aiding North Korea

Russian authorities have detained British national Christopher Emms, who is wanted by the FBI for allegedly assisting the North Korean government with crypto-related financial sanctions evasion. Interpol issued a red notice against him as he consulted North Korea on cryptocurrencies last April.

Pyongyang Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference

Emms and Spanish national Alejandro Cao De Benos are said to have organized the 2019 Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference where they answered questions from attendees regarding blockchain technology and crypto transactions designed to avoid US sanctions.

Virgil Griffith Involvement

Former Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith was also implicated in this scheme but managed to escape extradition due to his residence status in Russia after being detained in Saudi Arabia for eight months. He was later arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in November 2019, pled guilty at a hearing in 2021, and sentenced to 63 months’ imprisonment.

North Korea Use Stolen Crypto Funds for Missile Program

The Trump administration has noted that North Korean hackers have stolen over $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency funds which were likely used towards funding its missile program or nuclear weapon development efforts. This incident serves as further evidence of why governments must take extra caution when it comes to dealing with digital assets or technologies related thereto such as blockchain technology or smart contracts involving any sanction-evading activities.


Christopher Emms’ arrest serves as an example of how serious governments are taking cryptocurrency-related financial sanctions evasion activities, even if those activities were simply consulting ones rather than direct involvement with illicit activity like money laundering or terrorist financing using digital assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum tokens.

RobotEra: Unlock Your Virtual World With Metaverse Crypto!

• RobotEra is an upcoming sandbox-like world-building metaverse that invites players to create, trade, explore, operate, and share in their own metaverse.
• Players have the freedom to create whatever they can imagine and collaborate with other robots, ushering in a new era of immersive gaming experiences.
• Investors can buy TARO metaverse crypto tokens at a discounted presale rate before prices rise.

What is RobotEra?

RobotEra is an upcoming sandbox-like world-building metaverse that invites players to create, trade, explore, operate, and share in their own metaverse. By embodying robots in this metaverse, players will be able to gather resources from the planet, manage their own land, create robot companions and participate in creating a new world. This platform offers a shared world connecting players’ unique lands and allows for limitless possibilities such as theme parks, museums concerts and more.

What Are The Benefits Of RobotEra?

RobotEra provides players with the freedom to create whatever they can imagine and collaborate with other robots which ushers in a new era of immersive gaming experiences. Players can explore a vast and immersive metaverse utilizing their creativity and strategic thinking in exciting ways. As robots in this metaverse players can also create buildings develop unique land or robots using the editor and discover hidden spaces with significant rewards. Museums showcase the works of talented players while concerts and events enable robots to join forces and discover the potential of a fully interactive ecosystem.

How To Buy RobotEra’s Metaverse Crypto TARO Tokens Early

RobotEra is currently offering investors the opportunity to allocate funds to the project before prices rise by participating in its presale campaign. The TARO tokens will have various uses within the RobotEra metaverse such as being awarded as prizes for participating in staking competitions etc., Here’s how you can secure tokens at a discounted presale rate:

Step 1 – Establish A Crypto Wallet

To buy TARO tokens during the presale investors must first set up a crypto wallet on platforms like MetaMask which supports multiple wallets including Ledger Live Infinity mStable Coinbase Wallet Bitcoin Wallet etc.,

Step 2 – Allocate Funds & Buy Tokens

Once you’ve set up your wallet you’ll need to allocate funds into it from any supported payment method like credit/debit cards wire transfers bank deposits etc., After allocating funds visit Robot Era’s website select your desired package enter your address details confirm your purchase then submit it using Metamask or any other compatible wallet app you may have downloaded earlier

Jump Into the Metaverse: Get Your $MEMAG Now!

• The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is launching a Web3 gaming guild with the MEMAG cryptocurrency.
• Players can earn rewards, collaborate through NFTs and take part in the groundbreaking mobile game “Meta Kart Racers”.
• MMG has been met with strong support from the crypto community with more than $3.1 million raised for the pre-sale of its token.

Meta Masters Guild Launching Cutting-Edge Mobile Gaming Network

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is taking the world of mobile gaming to new heights by introducing a new web3 gaming guild that utilizes the MEMAG cryptocurrency to foster an economy powered by players’ skills and contributions. Players will be rewarded for their efforts through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other crypto rewards, allowing them to collaborate in a dynamic and engaging gaming environment.

Incentivizing Collaboration Through NFTs & Crypto Rewards

MMG is incorporating cutting-edge Web3 technology into its games, with a focus on players’ needs. In order to incentivize collaboration within the guild, MMG will establish an economy based on MEMAG tokens, which will be used to purchase items or services within games or traded on external exchanges. Furthermore, gamers can also obtain tangible value from their playtime through NFTs and other crypto rewards such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Kicking off Ecosystem With Exciting Racing Game “Meta Kart Racers”

To kick off its ambitious ecosystem, MMG is launching its first game: “Meta Kart Racers” – an exciting racing game where players are able to compete globally while earning rewards based on their performance. More titles are planned in the future across various genres such as strategy games, shooters and sports simulations.

Strong Support From Crypto Community

MEMAG has been met with strong support from the crypto community since its launch, raising over $3.1 million during its pre-sale period – demonstrating that there is great potential for blockchain-based economies in gaming networks like MMG’s metaverse!

Get Your $MEMAG Today!

If you’re looking for an innovative way to engage with mobile games while earning tangible rewards from your playtime – join the metaverse today and become part of this revolutionary gaming network! Get your $MEMAG today via #Presale #P2E #Metaverse #Tokens

Crypto Taxation and Canadian Crypto Governance: Hear from Crypto Lawyer Jacob Robinson

• Jacob Robinson is a Crypto Lawyer and the host of the Law of Code Podcast. He was interviewed by to talk about crypto enforcement in Canada, crypto governance, and the tension between crypto and the law.
• Jacob discussed day-to-day life as a Canadian crypto lawyer, regulators’ concerns over investor protection, Canadian corporate law history, history of securities in Canada, and what’s next in terms of tension between crypto and law.
• This interview provides insights into the current state of cryptocurrency regulation in Canada.

A Conversation with Crypto Lawyer Jacob Robinson

Jacob Robinson is a Crypto Lawyer and the host of the Law of Code Podcast. In this exclusive interview with he shares his thoughts on crypto enforcement in Canada, crypto governance, and the tension between crypto and the law.

Day-to-day Life as a Crypto Lawyer

Jacob discussed his day-to-day life as a Canadian crypto lawyer, saying that regulators are primarily concerned with investor protection. He also shared insights on how stocks got their name from Canadian corporate law history, as well as providing context for understanding the tension between cryptocurrency and legislation today.

Regulators Concerned About Investor Protection

When it comes to regulations around cryptocurrencies in Canada, Jacob said that regulators are primarily focused on protecting investors from any potential risks associated with dealing in digital assets or participating in blockchain technology enabled activities like Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). He also emphasized that while governments may have different approaches to regulating cryptocurrencies across jurisdictions due to varying legal frameworks or principles governing them; their ultimate goal remains ensuring consumer safety when using digital assets or participating blockchain related activities like ICOs.

History Of Securities In Canada

Jacob provided further context into understanding how stocks got their name from Canadian corporate law history stating that companies would issue “certificates” representing an investment interest which were then called “stock certificates” due to their similarity with physical items such as stocks held by farmers at markets during medieval times – hence why we still refer to stocks today despite no longer having physical paper certificates for them!

Tension Between Cryptocurrency And The Law

Finally, when asked about what’s next for cryptocurrency regulation and its relationship with laws surrounding it Jacob said there will likely be more tension between both sides as they continue working towards developing an agreeable framework which balances consumer protection while allowing innovation within this space without stifling it too much!

Premier League Backs NFT Fantasy Football, Ignores Crypto Chaos


• Non-fungible token (NFT)-based fantasy game and marketplace Sorare: Football has partnered with the Premier League in a multi-year licensing deal.
• Fans will be able to build custom teams to win “big rewards” as if they were professional club owners.
• The licensing contract is for four years, and Sorare will pay the Premier League tens of millions of pounds a year to secure the rights.

Sorare’s Background

Sorare, which is backed by players such as Kylian Mbappé and Lionel Messi, has partnered with over 300 football clubs and teams around the world, including Europe’s top leagues. This means that Sorare Managers can play with Premier League stars of their choice in either Premier League or global competitions.

Crypto Chaos

The partnership between Sorare and the Premier League came at a time of great turmoil for the crypto industry. Prices of major cryptoassets have certainly gone up in January but various other issues and worries still remain due to numerous crypto companies and projects failing last year, leading to bankruptcies and staff layoffs within the industry as well as legal and regulatory issues outside of it.

Richard Masters’ Statement

Richard Masters, Chief Executive of the Premier League was quoted by Financial Times saying, “To be frank, I don’t love the craziness of the last six to 18 months.” He added that “you get lots of organisations and companies thinking short term and jumping into the new cool tech for the wrong reasons, then leaving fans with a bad taste in their mouth.”


Despite all these events happening within the crypto industry at present, football does not seem to mind partnering with Sorare Global Fantasy Football – so much so that it signed a four year licensing contract worth tens of millions per year with them.