How To Fix Gmail App Keeps Crashing On Android

Have you ever encountered a situation where Gmail application on your Android phone keeps stopping or crashing and you’re not able to send or receive emails? Be assured that this article can help you solve this problem.

Why is my Gmail app keeps crashing on Android?

If you’re Gmail app is not working properly on Android it could be because of several factors. Here are a few options that our customers use to get the app back up and running:

  1. Restart your device. Restarting can typically solve any problems that are making the Gmail application to stop working.
  2. Clear the cache of the app. This can to free up space and boost performance.
  3. Remove and install the app. In the event that clearing your cache does not aid, you might need to remove and install the application. Make sure you backup all important data prior to doing so.
  4. If you’re not able to solve the issue above, keep reading to find different options for fixing the Gmail application that is constantly crashing.

What is the reason that causes what causes the Gmail application to stop working?

There are many possibilities for the reason why the Gmail app isn’t working when you use the Android phone. One possibility is that there’s an issue with the app itself and it must be upgraded.

Another possibility is may be a conflict with another app you’ve downloaded on your smartphone. Sometimes, just uninstalling and then reinstalling the Gmail application can resolve the issue.

If you’re not certain what’s causing the Gmail application to crash, take the following steps to resolve the Gmail crashes on pop-ups.

8 solutions to solve the issue of Gmail application that is constantly crashing

In the event that you’re using Gmail application in your Android phone and it is failing to work or crashes there are some ways to resolve the issue. First, backup your android and store it in the safest place.

  • Restart your phone
  • Update Gmail app
  • Clear cache and delete all data
  • Add and remove the Gmail account.
  • Log off of Google Account. Sign out of Google Account and sign in once more
  • Disable Dark mode
  • Make sure to check Storage Space within your Android device.
  • Uninstall the Gmail application and then install it once more.

You can restart your device

If you’re Gmail app is constantly crashing on Android one of the first steps you can try is to restart your phone. This will often resolve small problems and help get your application working properly.

For restarting your phone, just press and hold on the power key until the switch of turning it off is displayed. Wait some time before turning the handset back on. After it’s switched back on, you can try opening the Gmail app once more and check whether the issue is solved.

Update Gmail app

If your Gmail app is older than the Gmail app, you could encounter occasional crashes. To resolve this issue ensure you’re running the most recent version of the application. It is possible to update the app through Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Go to the Google Play store, then click your profile.

Manage your apps and devices

Tap update available

Make sure to update the Gmail app and other applications when required

When you’re not experiencing problems after updating the app, you can try the next steps below to resolve your Gmail application crash.

Clean cache, and delete all data

If the Gmail app is constantly crashing in the Android device, test a few of the efficient methods to remove the cache and the data. This will restart the app and may fix the issue. How to do this:

Start by going to Settings, and then apps

Click on Manage Apps to manage your apps.

Locate Gmail

Tap Clear Data

Confirm the actions by clicking clear cache and clearing all information

After you’ve completed this reboot your device to examine if the issue been solved.

Add and remove the Gmail account.

If you’re Gmail app is constantly crashing on Android and you are unable to fix it above, then try disabling and then restarting the application.

Go to Gmail then select your profile then select Manage Google account from this device.

Simply click on the Google button

Click to open your Gmail address

Scroll down , and then click delete.

Once the app is gone then restart your device. after that, create your Gmail account. This should solve the issue.

Log to sign out from your Google Account and sign back in

If you’re experiencing problems with the Gmail application using you Android smartphone, we suggest that you sign off of your Google account, and then logging back in. This will usually fix small bugs and glitches that could be causing the application to fail to function. To log out of your account:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu inside the app and tap the name of your account.
  2. After that, you can simply click”Sign out” and then click on the “Sign out” option.
  3. After you’ve logged out, you can restart the app, and then sign back into the app using your Google account details.

Disable Dark mode

In the event that you’re running Gmail application on Android and it’s constantly failing to load the best option to try is deactivating dark mode. Dark mode is a brand new feature in the app and can cause issues for certain users. To disable dark mode:

  • Start the Gmail app and tap on the menu icon located in the upper-left corner.
  • Tap Settings Then General Settings.
  • Go to the theme section and then tap Light. This should resolve the crash issue.

Check Storage Space on your device

If you’re experiencing issues with your Gmail application not working properly when you use you Android device, the first aspect to check is the amount of storage space available within your gadget. If there’s not enough memory on the device, applications may behave in a strange manner or even fail to function properly.

To verify the storage space available for the storage space on your Android device:

Click Settings > About the Phone.


You’ll know the amount of storage space utilized and the amount available. If you’re running out of storage space, you can try to delete any unnecessary files or applications to clear space.

When you have more space, you can restart the Gmail application to see whether the issue has been fixed.

Remove the Gmail app and then install it once more.

If you’re experiencing frequent crashes of the Gmail application for the Android smartphone, this is probably because of a corrupt or obsolete installation. Reinstalling it and then uninstalling the application through Google Play store Google Play store should fix the issue.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you solve the issue of Gmail crash in your Android device. We mentioned that the most likely reason is an incompatible application or clash with another app. If you continue to experience issues you might want to consider uninstalling and installing the application, or contact Gmail support for assistance.

Logitech Slim Combo MK470 review with hands-on The quiet, wireless keyboard and mouse made for stationary and mobile use

We have a Logitech keyboard and mouse set to test the MK470 Slim Combo. It is designed for mobility and therefore is extremely slim, yet it is intended to be utilized on the computer at home. Our hands-on testing reveals whether the MK470 is able to replace standard keyboards and mice. It is an ideal companion to use travel.

The MK470 is an wireless keyboard and mouse set that can be connected to the desktop PC or laptop through an wireless USB receiver. Because of its light and small dimensions, it is recommended that it not only be utilized at home however, it can also be used when on the move, in case the laptop keyboard integrated isn’t enough for instance, because there’s no numeric keypad or if typing tasks are in the process of being completed. We will determine if this set will meet these requirements in the next.


The keyboard is available in black or white which means that the plastic cover of the upper edge of the keyboard is gray in both colors.

The keyboard

The metallic gray rail is could offend certain people visually, as it doesn’t give an image of high-end quality according to your personal preference. The rail is removable and beneath is the compartment for two AAA batteries, or rechargeable ones, as and a storage compartment for the tiny portable wireless USB receiver. But, it is also able to be kept inside the mouse.

The keyboard’s dimensions are approximately 28 centimeters (~11 inches) without the NumPad and is approximately the same as the keyboard on the 13-inch laptop, i.e. not with the NumPad. Most of the keyboard’s surface is thin, but only the upper edge is extremely heavy. On the other side, this allows the previously mentioned spaces for storage of energy, and on the contrary, it guarantees that the keyboard remains inclined when typing.

The keyboard layout appears extremely neat and has an numpad located on the right. The typical keys are around 1.6 by 1.6 cm (~0.63 0.63 in x 0.63 inches) and measure an approximate distance of 3 millimeters between them. To make them more visible, the corner keys are rounded as the corners which can result in very small ratios in size, particularly in the lower, already smaller key row on the outside keys. This at-best questionable design choice was also applied to the numbers pad as well as the other keys which is why, for instance, the right arrow keys feel distinct from the left arrow because of its rounding in the right and lower corners. “entf” and “pos1” are also smaller due to this.

Arrow keys are smaller in size and measure only 1.3 millimeters (~0.51 inch) in length. The height of up and down Arrow keys is also cut in half and they share an already smaller key field that makes it a bit fiddly.

Other than these limitations The layout is simple. The typical functions that are special are executed using F keys using the Fn key.

The mouse

The mouse is round on all sides and weighs approximately 10.6 or 10.7 centimeters (~4.17 up to 4.21 in) on the central axis. In terms of width, we are around 5.8 centimeters (~2.3 inch). Below are two semicircular, gliding feet as well as centrally an on/off switch , and of course , the optical sensor. The most distinctive feature is on the top. The thin plastic cover featuring”logi” lettering is extremely thin “logi” lettering is easy to removesince it’s secured by three sturdy magnets located in the back The front portion is comprised of two buttons that are flexible. We prefer the magnetic design that has a removable top cover. The cover has a compartment to store batteries (1x AA) and there’s also a slot to hold your radio’s receiver.

The mouse’s height is unusual. Even though Bluetooth mice are typically equipped with a high-quality surface curvature however, Logitech’s model is not. Logitech mouse is straight.

The mouse wheel is large in comparison to the mouse’s size However, it allows for the smoothest running.

Practical experiences

Thanks to Plug&Play, this set is extremely fast and ready for use. Once battery (or rechargeable ones) are installed, all that is required is the USB receiver needs to be connected to a USB slot of the computer and the device is ready to use. However, before the keyboard can be used is immediately available, but the mouse needs to be activated below. All inputs were recognized on both computers.

The keyboard

The keys come with a moderate travel, and a clearly defined pressure point, that gives an excellent feedback. Its stroke is longer however overall, typing is fluid and quick. The process can stall in the course of corrections because of the drastically reduced and partially reshaped shape of arrows and the function keys (Pos1 and Del, for example.). The fingers are searching for the proper grips at the beginning. The typing experience is quite enjoyable. The volume for typing is good, but Space bar sounds definitely louder than other buttons.

The device does not come with an LED backlight, therefore the MK470 isn’t ideal for use in dark areas. However the backlight doesn’t impact the battery’s life and we are unable to talk about because of the limited time frame for testing. According to Logitech the keyboard’s lifespan could be as long as 36 months based on the use and the mouse will last for an average of 18 months. Both devices automatically go into sleep mode when they are not being used to conserve energy.

In addition, this piece was written using the keyboard using the mouse that came with it that was quite comfortable initially. Of course, the slim keyboard isn’t as smooth or smooth stroke of a typical stationary keyboard. The typing experience is more reminiscent of the feel of notebooks with the mid-range keyboard. In the long term it could prove to be somewhat small, which means that the wrists wear quicker than those on larger stationary keyboards, due to the slight bending of the wrists over the long term. Even though the keyboard was identical in size to the notebook, we noticed that the initial indications of fatigue in the wrists began to be a little quicker with the keyboard MK470.

The mouse

When you are using your mouse first you will first notice the flat surface. This makes the mouse less tightly in the hand than those with curved surfaces that are upwards. In contrast, it appears as if the hand isn’t able to rest as comfortable on the mouse as it does with the other models; the hand must always remain “held” itself. This means that the mouse can’t be move much by the surface on its inner side however, it is mostly moved by fingers to the sides and the thumb. Because of the AA-battery that is inserted and the comparatively light plastic mouse adds some weight to the pad, however the mouse is still very thin overall, which makes it respond a little more quickly than other models. This could make delicate and quiet control tasks a bit more complex as the mouse’s pointer can move a bit quicker than those with heavier models.

Logitech claims that the mouse has minimal noise that we can confirm. The wheel (if you don’t crank it too quickly) and click noises are very insignificant and not even noticeable. But, this is caused by a very slow pressure range on the keys. This is extremely sensitive and strange initially. But the feedback is adequate and doesn’t feel at all spongy but is sharp and firm in the stroke.


The wireless, thin keyboard-mouse combination MK470 Slim Combo costs around 50 euros (~$59) from Logitech. It is an extremely mobile set that’s a type of compromise between more expensive stationary gadgets and thin portable input gadgets. The speedy readiness to usage and the extended battery life are both very positive. The magnetic holder that fits on covering the mouse is an intriguing option. The initial experience with it is very successful, and the feedback on inputs is visible, but in the end size of the two devices may be a little too small to be comfortable over the long term.

It is the Logitech Slim Combo MK470 an excellent keyboard and mouse set that can be carried around if needed. But, it is not ideal for use for only a certain extent due to its small size.


Although Logitech owns 49.99 euros for both colors of the set available on their website As mentioned earlier that prices on “street prices” are already lower. For instance the gray version is $36.46 through Amazon and the stylish white model cost $37.55.